Mache Ado About Nothing

Staplers and paper turn into puppets. Desk fans blow crumpled caution to the bins.

Pencil pots talk nonsense - shredders eat our lunch - and all the pen lids are missing!!

This will not stand... and neither will we. Because the chairs are being disorderly.

Knuk Theatre embark on two dimensional raft thats sure to sink, submerging themselves into a new world born from nothing, where the blankness of an empty sheet is the greatest gift to fill. Exploring the need to belong, share, and create at its most primal level. Three characters, talking three different languages, crudely tape together their three different worlds.

Containing elements of physical theatre, puppetry, movement and theatrical juggling.

This project is currently in development.


Early R&D: Knuk Theatre

This was Knuk's first gathering for Mache Ado About Nothing, conducted over a week at Daoiz y Velarde in Madrid, Spain.

An early sense of Play and theatrical games.

Project Collaborators

Ana Mirtha Sariego

Performer / Deviser

Knuk Theatre

Nicolás Greco

Performer / Deviser

Knuk Theatre

Ryan Murphy

Performer / Deviser

Knuk Theatre

Ross Flight
Lab:Time Support

Space:Time & Tech:Time