Past Projects

If You Shoot A Boot You Might Get Wet

The apocalypse has come and gone and all that’s left is a house made of suitcases amid a sea of junk and two eccentrics trying to make the best of it.


Follow the insufferable lives of two people choosing necessity over logic in this quirky comedy that utilizes the style of a by-gone era.

A collaborative work with Strange Attractor Theatre Company

Tara Under The Weather

Tara is lost in many ways. 

The company tells the simple and moving story of a young woman who for the first time, decides to face her fears, the same fears that paralyze most of us.
In the depths of doubt, darkness and disconcert, it is possible to find light, playfulness and magic criatures.

Tara Under The Weather is the story of any Human Being and the strategies we find to escape reality. 

An actress and two puppeteers make Tara´s fantastical world come to life.