Who we are

Ana Mirtha Sariego


Ana Mirtha is a Spanish theatre artist living in London and Madrid. 

She has worked as a director, perfomer-deviser and puppeteer for several companies in Spain, U.S.A and the U.K such as Strange Attractor Theatre, Finger in the Pie, La Mirilla Teatro, No Time Teatro or Wet Picnic.

She graduated in Physical Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). A two year Lecoq´s based and devising theatre program directed by Thomas Prattki. And has completed her studies with numerous circus, butoh and contemporary dance workshops at The Circus Space, The Place and Karen Taft.


She has also trained with Norman Taylor (Lecoq), Lorna Marshall, John Nobbs(Suzuki Technique), Jacqui Carrol (Suzuki Technique), Vanessa Ewan (Laban), Richard Emmert (Teatro Noh), France Barbe (Danza Butoh), Song of the Goat and Frank Theatre among others.


                                                                         Ryan Murphy

Ryan's performance interests sprang from a childhood of mimicking silent screen clowns, particularly the works of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy. As a juggler, Ryan is fascinated by the dynamics of ordinary objects; believing all physical things to be vehicles of human expression.

He attended CIRCOMEDIA in Bristol where he studied Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance, specialising in Physical Theatre and Object Manipulation. He later continued his juggling studies in London, where he graduated with a BA(Hons) at The National Centre of Circus Arts, then known as THE CIRCUS SPACE.


Ryan has devised and performed in several UK-based Circus Theatre Companies, including

The Play People, Unstable King, Compass Presents, Joy Magnet and Wet Picnic. He is the 

co-founder of Tit for Tat Circus Theatre and has toured all around the UK and parts of

France with their surrealist duo; "The Most Dangerous Cup Of Tea In The World."


Ryan has also had the opportunity to work with Circus Schools in Amien (France) and Carampa (Spain) in the collaborative Great Leonardo Project, led by French Directors Marc Proulx and Nordine Allal. He has also attended workshops with Sean Gandini (Creative Juggling), Les Bubb (Mime & Movement), Sebastien Valade (Non-Continuous Juggling Styles) among others.


Nicolás Greco

Nicolás co-founded his first theatre company in 2014, beginning his research into movement, dance and acting, by co-directing and performing in the show "TACHOENGRITO".

In 2015, following his interest in the poetry of movement, he enrolled in Physical Theatre studies at the International School of CABUIA in Buenos Aires. The school program is based in the Lecoq pedagogy, and is led by teachers such as Pablo López (LISPA, London), Pablo Gershanik ( École, Paris), Heriberto Montalván, (LISPA,London), Giovanni Fussetti, (Helikos, Italy) and Pierrik Malenbranche (Compagnie Philippe Genty, Paris).

Nicolás then pursued a new artistic path, meeting Ornella Costabile y Pablo Pellegrini, with whom he shares an interest in the critic of the performative arts and literature. Their collaborative process resulted in the creation of a brand-new group named “LA N”, in which Nico further developed himself as an Artistic  Director, Performer and Scenographer. Alongside this, he continued his studies on Direction, with Emilio García Wehbi.

In 2016, he begun his studies in Art Critique at the UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). During this year, Nico furthered his performative investigation with Omar Pacheco (director of "La Otra Orilla"Theatre), who became a reference point for him in movement aesthetic. Whilst studying, he also became interested in the work of Romeo Castellucci and "El Periférico de Objetos" among others.

Nico's main interest is still the poetry of movement and his recurrent themes are human troubles, love, art and the aesthetics.